Singapore Blog Awards 2013 #OMYSBA2013

I had the pleasure to attend the awe-inspiring Annual Singapore Blog Awards 2013 yesterday and here I am blogging about this event…held at..YES! SHANGHAI DOLLY 😉

It was a rather exciting and happening event as I discovered more genres of Bloggers in Singapore being given recognition and support (friends, organisations and public). 
This was the glorious stage where the action happens…for the winners to receive their prize;).
 Mr Chua Chim Kang of SPH delivered an opening speech for the event. 
The Guest-of-Honour for the #OMYSBA2013 is none other than Mr Lawrence Wong. Along with other prize presenters, the different category of bloggers as vloggers strutted on stage proudly to receive the gifts and recognition. Here we have a compiled list of the winners. 
(details and links to their sites can be found here:
What best way to start such a party and end with a bang is of course the announcement of the winner for the 60’s Fever Theme of the day!
Out of the 10 shortlisted candidates, the top four were selected to go to the final round
And the winner is..*drummmm rooolllll*
-INSPECTOR SINGH, since mata last time wear shorts 😉
On the whole, I had a ball of a time attending the event and I do hope this award recognition continue to go on and encourage Singaporeans to think outside of the box, be creative, resourceful and also be appreciative of things that we have.
Once again a big congratulations to the winners at the event!

You can find me on Youtube/ @zsiti for my vlog for this event:

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