The Punch is here #Welcome2Punch

I had the opportunity to watch the preview of “Welcome to the Punch” organised by and boy was it a Wow-ing show…well some parts for me.

My main attention from the beginning of the movie was solely on Mark Strong– famed for all his villainous role in the movies he acted, I was stoked to see him again. Not that I have anything for villains but this character that he is playing (Jacob Sternwood) is back in action to save his son. Every inch of his movement and action shows his determination to rescue his son (who committed some heist which went wrong, so….). The human emotions that Jacob displayed as a father who feels for relationship just sets me thinking that bad guys do have feelings too (I know I am sounding so bias right now but we do watch our preferred movies for a reason right?).

An ex-convict, a father, a friend, a role which he made possibly humane
James McAvoy’s

character on the other hand didnt impact me or made any significant impression for me, he is just another police officer being depressed over a lost case (which coincidently involved Jacob Sternwood) and here he is presented with a second chance (that was a mouthful, phew!)

You have just got to catch this movie to find the twist and turn in the plot (and the characters)! 

At the end of the day being a fan of fighting and action movies, I was a little bit disappointed by the devoid of fighting scene in the movie. There were too many “actions” going on between the characters depicting the lack of integrity in a character role (which can sets us thinking that human greed can make u do wonders-negative connotations please).

I just enjoyed this scene in the movie

Oh and did I mentioned that James McAvoy have a very sexy Scottish accent in the movie, enjoy that!

James McAvoy( playing Max Lewinsky)

IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritics gave an average of 53% of rating. Well I would not stray too far off from that 🙂

Catch it on the Big Screen, Shaw House on 18th July 2013, get your tickets here

Watch the trailer below and follow them on twitter: @Welcome2Punch

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