I tasted Heaven at Domino’s…Oh My Goodness

Bam! So this was definitely not the beginning of my evening!
Let me take you back to the beginning for a start, shall we?
Arrived at Domino’s, famished and excited. Meeting other Omy bloggers and gathering over food has got to be the bestest plan…everrr!
Domino’s Pizza officially unveiled their menu and they now offer 28 specialty pizzas making it possibly the most extensive pizza menu in Singapore. It comes along with six unique sauces alongside the four signature crusts! 
All of us had a ball of a time with the pizzas and the snacks, my favourite would have to be the crunchy thin crust layered with Alfredo Prawn and its TOP SECRET Sauce…hahah and I’m not even joking how secretive it is- all I know is that it taste cheesy, creamy and yet with a zest of garlic in it 😉
Every meal is not complete without dessert! Try their Caramel Sticky Dessert. Looks are really deceiving, when i took a bite out of it, it was an immediate gratification coming from the mouth!
We were served a whole array of pizza made fresh from the oven, as exclaimed by Domino’s Pizza, each classic hand-tossed pizza crust is made freshly with each order and that made the whole pizza experience a totally memorable one. 
For the evening, the food were the stars, as Singaporeans would have it our way, before we eat, we take pictures.

I cannot describe how totally happy I was to be making new friends and enjoying the good food together! Here lies the pictures which means many thousand words..:)
On a whole, this sums up my whole evening at Domino’s
You can order your Domino’s Pizza online here 
Current Promotion:
“2 Pizza Deals” 
2 Regular Pizza for just $22 nett (SO CHEAP)
Since the price is GST inclusive, this means you pay exactly what you see online

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