Life is Short, Make it Count

Have u ever imagined what happens after we die? This month is our holy, sacred month of Ramadhan where Muslims everywhere fast (as one of the teachings of being a Muslim). Today also marks the day where my 1st uncle passed on. Received a call from my dad that his brother passed away today, I felt shattered not because it was my uncle but because it was my Dad’s brother. My Dad had 3 other siblings and himself. In year 2000, he lost his youngest brother, last year he lost his father (my Grandfather) and this year, his other brother passes on. Personally, I am not close to them to feel so sad. But why do human’s shed tears when we see others being down or sad? I know my limit when I have dropped some tears, I was just psychologically affected for that moment, when I asked myself- Do you really cry because you are bothered, Siti? My answer was..not really. But I am definitely bothered if I lost my Dad or any of my brothers. These are the people whom I see, talk, quarrel and enjoy together with. Any sudden cut of contact with them would mean a big LOST in my life. So i felt more for my Dad than his brother.
At the cemetery, whilst my uncle was being lowered into his grave, the prayers that incessantly goes on and the wishes from all present kept coming. My uncle had been a kind person, and angel as what some would call him. His passion to teach and to learn and being a medical professional as a Doctor, he continues to pursue education for his career and his religion.
If I have words for him, it will only be good words which I would continuously pray for him to be lead to the right direction and may his journey be in peace in afterlife.
The words which the Ustaz (Religious Teacher) whom conducted the whole procedure earlier on, “when one have passed on, we pray for them to find a better place, a better partner and better place up there. Now he is alone and no one can help him, only him and his good-doings on earth can help him.
So we pray for the light to shine bright for them and give him ample space to guide him the right way”.
Life is short, make it count. Yet do not wait for your loved ones to be in the grave and start to lament and cry, dun be a hypocrite. Make everyday count starting today.
Peace be upon you,

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