Regain the Lustre in your life

ahhhh, basically i do not have bad skin issue to begin with but i do have oily Tzone area in the morning. This develop during my recent years as I age *enter sad face emoticon* . During my puberty years, in which i mature “late” i do not have conditions such as pimple outbreak, menses pain so on so forth. I am very thankful for that. That’s why I guess when I have such a change in my face condition, i took notice of it immediately.

I tried almost all those facial cleanser/pore strips and mask etc to “try” to deal with this condition but to no avail. I was just trying to fight fire with …sand? paper? Anyway, i was not understanding the root of the problem and I thought it was just simple trying to cover up my skin problem.

Till I got to know of the products of MyLustre. Its basically the same thing you can find off the shelves-cleanser, toner, soap, etc. But i had a thorough understanding of ….how our skin function or supposed to function and that opened my eyes to a whole new realm of the human skin.

I was going through a phase..No not puberty but hormonal change and this can’t be avoided but that does not mean we lose control of it.

When I knew what was going on with what lays under my skin, i was amazed and thankful that I get to know of it now and I can clear my skin and repair my cells. 

With the products of MyLustre, they simply regenerate and condition my skin cells to function as per what it is supposed to do.

Being exposed to the rough temperature, humidity and dirt in the air, my skin was not given time to repair itself the way its supposed to. With what I am using, i give my skin assistance and all that it is needed.

After the first two weeks using MyLustre Cleanser/Toner (generously), i saw immediate results. In the morning when I wake up, i touch my nose area and its not moist or oily as what i normally feel (yucks! i know right). At the same time, taking the Skin Pro supplements aid me to control the hormones in my body and thus that clears the inflammation in the skin which usually causes outbreak of pimples on my face.
The amazing thing about Lustre Skin Pro was that I had pimple marks because I also have this EXCITING (not) habit of poking or breaking my pimples..heheheh and i will regret it right after but the mark seem to stay forever. However similarly after first two weeks of using the skin care set (Lustre Cleanser/Lustre Toner/Lustre Skin Pro), those marks were FADING! i cannot believe my eyes that those marks will want to leave me *enter emoticon with tears of joy*

All these have given me the motivation to carry on and use it to ensure that i can maintain and improve my skin condition even better.

Using it dutifully, in the morning and evening and eating the tablets twice daily was too simple to miss. With such a simple system in place, i can just adapt naturally as part of my daily process-brush teeth and bath you know? 
MyLustre carries a full range of product for beauty and health, I just want to say that with this, it opens a doorway for me to try their other products confidently and I want to share this with you too.
As a user and as a friend, I wish to share my journey with you.


products by MyLustre, tel: 6275 4123

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