I found Love in Montigo

Lush hour with zsiti…ahhh nothing different…but brought to you all the way from Batam..Montigo Resorts. Went for a 3D2N stay and boy must I say- that was not enough. 
Now, let me take you through a journey around and inside MY Villa 🙂
As you can see, the view outside is amazing as Montigo Resorts are mainly situated atop the hill by the sea. #AmazingView1
#AmazingView3 Basically, each of us have a Villa this big all to ourselves. With a decent number of people allowed in each Villa, it is huge and can house a few adults.
And let’s go in~
Lucky No 69, pardon the face…that’s me by the way #UnglamMoment #zsiti

Welcome to my Living Room. With a DVD console, movie channels, cable as well as a Wii set, staying in will never be bored or else…
Just take a step into the balcony and there lies our very own personal infinity pool ❤

The blues, the greens and the white clouds in the sky. You will soon see that the theme of this trip would mainly be…White!
Ahhh that is me again with my trend of taking a #Squatfie, my pool by nite Homies~
A wonderful living room fit with a kitchenette…Amazing
Am I boring you with my luscious Level One, well if that’s the case, let me show you to level two of my Villa 🙂

Before I even show you my bedrooms, do not get me started on the toilets. Love them! Fully decked wall covered with mirrors alas and open tops to shine natural bright lights into the bathroom, tell me how can one NOT love it?

A friend once told me, she goes for a holiday and will spend most of her time in the room to rest and relax. If that is the main purpose then this Villa have done more justice than Spiderman or Batman can ever do. One does not simple lay around in this gorgeous bedroom! Bask in the lights and love and everything gorgeous over here!
Then we finally proceed to the final floor of my Villa, the Al Fresco top!


Before I carry on, if you were wondering “How did zsiti get to Montigo?” well the answer is:
1) Book ferry tickets to depart from Tanah Merah ferry terminal towards Nongsa Ferry terminal (at least 1-2 days earlier)

2) Remember to take motion sickness pill, if you cant stand the big waves in the sea

3) Wait for approximately 30-40 mins while the travelling goes on

4) Chill to some songs and wait

5) Special Pass clearance to fetch you right from the ferry so that you will bypass any crowds provided specially by Montigo.
Then leave your trip in the trusting hands of Montigo- guaranteed to make your stay memorable!

Yes, we are crazy people especially in the dark when there is no light we still attempt with our selfies…

We had personal buggies to bring us around Montigo
See that smile? yes its when one can smell food.
Hotel or Villa, nothing is complete without room service -Food!
And self-entertainment night completed with gaming and fun!
Imagine, waking up to these sight…everyday…yeah we can get bored of it too ..HAHAHA

Woke up in the morning early to catch not the sunrise but for a swim and also some pictures :p
Yeah, maybe i woke up too early that i felt sleepy before I swim…-.-”’
My View when I lay at the top #Alfresco
Now maybe I am ready for a swim…meh
Yes, it was freezing if you were wondering. The weather have been kind and gracious recently and it is spread throughout Asia. Thank God!

After a swim, the Queen will be hungry! XP
Went back to the top for a short tan in the sun, so All you need is an SPF 😛

Breakfast is served in the Villa, what we have on the menu for the day was spaghetti, nongsa noodle, scrambled egg with emmental cheese and chilli fried egg with toast. Served with refreshing guava juice, coffee and tea ❤

Sun Tanning oh wad? its so hot! When on a holiday, behave as a tourist. So its just eat, sleep, swim, tan, eat and repeat. heheheheh!
Glam eh, before we go shopping!
We went shopping and I got GOOD stuff! #toycar

And also this cute Zebra Tshirt…im so loving it!
Look at how i rock that shirt #zsiti

Still rocking it #zsiti

Breakfast is also served at the restaurant area and let me show you the awesome spread they have #Buffett #Montigo

Take in that awesome view as you take in good food and drinks

Well, we are the self-appointed food inspectors 😉

The restaurant area is huge, spacious, airy and well-arranged.

They had an awesome set-up of laksa, Fried Kway Teow, Eggs, Prata!

Made fresh and served piping HOT!

One of the medium pool in front of the restaurant…

Take in this view from my point of view

The food was prepared with love and total deliciousness (is there such a word? well from now there is)

Bread, bread, pastries, Danish…i love them all!
The service was made superb and perfect with the manager around, who remembers all the guests by name and will also remember to call you out for breakfast or lunch or dinner. So that you do not skip your meals and you will have a well-fed stay in Montigo. 

Well, you just cant resist taking a selfie when its soooo white eh

And when one is not enough, take Two!
In the evening, the club will play some rocking house music and for you to dance the night away, all they need are more party poppers! and crowds to pump up the house. Every saturday, there will be the Sundown party at the pool and bar!
#putyourhandsup #pumpfistintheair
Ahhhh some entertainment as we take the Ferry back to Singapore!
Our final picture in our Villa before we say Ta-Ta!
This family is totally super excited about their stay in the Villa 
Everybody was happy and we all know it 🙂
The ferry journey was so short approximately 30-40 mins away from Singapore but I still have my macbook to accompany me #Work #ohWell
We are tired but we still need to head home-satisfied ❤
Home Sweet Home!
Ps: I also did a video when i was there, so pls do take a look here and leave a comment when you do..Love U

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