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As i am writing this post, on a cool bench in a park in Taiwan, yes not in the current hot weather in Singapore (and with the haze and what not, i must be cray cray). I chose to escape and flew to Taiwan.
However this post aint about Taiwan but about my first solo trip in 2014 i made 2 weeks ago to Manila!
I have made a new year resolution to make solo trips in 2014 and i begin with Manila.
IN the words of Manila or maybe Tagalog probably, Mabuhay! Welcome! to the Philippines
Touchdown in the wee hours of the morning when the sun is still shining high in the sky, And i enjoy basking in the glorious healthy sun high up in the sky (Terminal 3, Ninoy Aquino Airport).
Lesson i learnt is that never take the cabs from the airports from wherever in the world unless necessary. Of course if your plan is not to travel on a budget then feel free to do so, but do be careful of cab drivers who will tweak their system and cheat your money. Here let me share on my budget which gotten me a huge amount of savings till i reached my hotel.
Within the terminals, they have a free shuttle going around which you can take to Terminal 3 to hop on the bus to get to the town area (i needed to reach Edsa Station).
The bus to Edsa station costs me 20pesos (equivalent to SGD0.57). At the EDSA station, it is also a link to another station called TAFT. 
I took the LRT to Roosevelt station to get to my Hotel, EuroTel which is at North Edsa, Quezon City.
That cost me about 15 pesos. From the station, it is about ten mins or faster depending on your speed walk ahead to the hotel. I walked faster than that because of the fact that the air was so dusty i had no choice.
Upon reaching my hotel and checking in early since my flight was real early, i took a quick shower and nap before setting out. I just gotten a studio suite for one, it was a decent hotel except for the fact that the hotel corridors lighting was way too dark to imagine. However thanks to the noisy ambience, roadside and the guests regular movements in the hotel, i was quite assured and felt safe.
I had the first day to spend with myself, venturing out to the giant shopping mall right opposite my hotel and yes I gave up halfway cos the place was way too big. But i had a mission- to get a travel adaptor because i forgotten that the Manila plug outlets are different from ours.
Virtually, all modes of transport can be a form of public transport, all you got to do is ensure that they have a sign on their vehicle that they can bring you places and the rest will be up to you to venture out and try it yourself. hehhehe ok if you are worried then just flag the local cabs…
The cost of taking a Jeepney (pictured above) or a RX can be about 30pesos (SGD 0.85) for one trip.
I was also fortunate to meet up with a longtime friend, Mitchell. We first met when I came to Manila a few years back and travelled to boracay together with her family & associates. Its been a while and I met a new friend too, Jackie!
They brought me on a trip to find this cafe, hidden among the landed properties. It was a lovely treasure.

Oh behind was just the well-wishes or some would say the wishing board/wall 🙂

Right, so i got them in the action of non-action…

Tell me, why else would they make their toilet so attractive? I am a toilet lover and this toilet just makes me wanna stay in here….
Generally, Manila had a lot of pretty decent and good stuff to eat, see and play. However the best thing of it all is the fact that everything costs “Oh SO Cheap”.
However, only one thing made me worried and that is the safety aspect, i definitely do not feel so secured the moment i left my hotel. It definitely didnt help that I had read articles on robbery/theft/pickpocketing before leaving Singapore. 
Most importantly, always be aware. Prevention is better than cure, so be aware of your surroundings, no! I am not telling you to be paranoid. 
Life has already been decided by the All-Mighty God but what we have now is to discover it and take our chances. Fear cannot move people, you move yourself. 
So take the first step now!
Till we meet again! Add me on Facebook: sitishyuhaila to see the rest of my pictures & Follow me on Instagram @zsiti_ to see the live pictures as I upload daily 🙂
Im watching you o_o
Ps: here is a little song i would dedicate to you and you ❤

stayed at:
North Edsa, Quezon City

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