I Love Being a Blogger

What started up as a simple online diary, turned into a map..of my life..Where I travel, what I do and who I meet. Its all written here online. Then a group of people started following and they started enquiring on the things I do and the places I visited. 
Those enquiries kept me going to discover places and make new friends. Nothing can beat the spread of information especially by word of mouth, but in this current era we are in and with the advanced technology everything is shared online. My takeaway from that is, some good things are well hidden like treasures and they need Us, to discover them, polish them and show to the world. 
Opportunities given to me to meet new people, go to new places, try out new experiences in food, movies, collections for the first time makes life exciting for me.
As i started to move along with youtube videos as such, it makes my life map more interactive, much more memorable and definitely lead an awesome life. I would encourage and welcome more youths or in fact everyone to start one diary today because you may never know where it might bring you 😉
Nonetheless, all I gotta say is that ever since I took on the choice and responsibility that comes along with it. Providing top notch information and details (from my sponsored room stays, sponsored movie previews, food tasting, etc) I put myself in the shoes of everybody who would like to know about certain things before they try it out themselves. It’s an enjoyment of life and pure pleasure- I LOVE BEING A BLOGGER ❤ XOXO

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