A weekend at Library@Esplanade

Working in the office from 9-6pm everyday can be a challenge…well to me that is…I have a short attention span and simply said-if it’s not about me, i lose interest…Just Joking…or maybe not. I look for challenges and I am thrilled when there are offers of competitions, I do not back down neither do I give up easily without taking on that challenge. So I have a fair share of trying to get my daily work done “excitingly”. Nonetheless, when it comes to breaks, weekends, holidays and much more when I am outside the office, I keep a lookout to exciting new things that I can input into my work. Ahhhh I aint no workaholic, I am just looking out for more fun, creative stuff to be handling. Cause we live only once and we can go anytime, so why do we have to hold back? #YOLO Haven’t you heard? XD
In order to get inspirations and lessons, my favourite place would have to be the library@Esplanade. Get a room (do not think too much), a few discs and voila…peace to my ears….There are a few decent collection of DVDs of malay shows which was the main purpose for me to come here to enjoy learning. We all know textbook materials can never go into our brain but song lyrics, drama series…oh my we wonder how do we remember all that? So i take to edutainment to relearn and improve my Malay language. 

I got a room to comfortably enjoy my shows.

Sometimes, we need a break and since the cup (also called Alice Cup) said “Drink Me”, I simply cannot refuse…XD
I am not so competitive by nature but there are some things which I cannot lose or stand behind to wait. People who walked too slow when we are moving along makes me gggrrr but when I see someone walks too fast ahead, I also go Gggggrrrr #cantlose. 

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