Long Time No See

Long time no see, long time no see…Recently, i have been listening to GD , TOP, Big Bang in particular on repeat and repeat and repeat till infinity. Their songs so far have been a proven methodology for me to get my work done and at an exceptionally bouncy speed…hehehhehe
It’s a long holiday break for me and I had originally planned to fly off to HK this weekend but but but sometimes things do not go as planned and thus we improvise and make new plans. It’ll be 4 days out of office but I have my schedule ahead with meetings and appointments to run to.
Went for a facial therapy recently after a long long while and it was such a rejuvenating and recuperating process. 
Country Pie – Chicken filling with mashed potatoes
Recently i gotten sick of some kind of food like noodles or rice or sometimes I just got sick of food on its own. But I get really hungry and damn whacky till I get gastric, but when I eat i feel sick till I would want to puke it all out…omg. Apart from that, I am well and healthy, Thank you XD
I have started to get back to online selling, previously from ebay, i made a shift to Carousell. This is one local app made in Singapore and since i know of the people who start up this business (ex schoolmates), i can never stop relying on this. The reliability and efficiency of putting up items for sale and buying items off it is such a breeze.
I have loads of items which i bought or obtain long time ago, they are still kept in good condition but I do not have the chance to wear them or even use them, so putting them up on carousell is such a great outlet as there are people who really wants them and we get into a deal-*snap* just like that.
One setback from this app would be challenges, especially from young kids. Immature enough to think this is child’s play. SINCE everything was made simple as long as you have a smart phone, mature buyers and sellers have start to take note when we are dealing with the other party and getting to understand, are these kids? are they serious? like what the fish is going on?
So download the app “Carousell” now and look for my page at carousell.co/zsiti and browse through my items! 
Thanks Love!

Is the cup half full or half empty….DUH its always full…even if water occupies 50% of the cup, the other 50% is always air…ON earth there can never be an empty, void space (vacuum)…

credits venue:
Rapallez Beauty Salon
“Carousell” App

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