For the first time..

This Year, my big 30 coming up soon and its the first time I went for a concert after many many many refusal to all other offers and invites. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME LIKE FINALLY, I see SHOW LUO ZHI XIANG

 (Xiao Zhu) in person during his concert like way up front….OMG…
Thanks to Evon (Hip-Hop Dance Instructor at Crestar School of Dance), we had VIP yeah VIP seats tickets and she was so nice to offer me an invite. I mean …..I gave up going to Malaysia or Hong Kong (since I can always go another time, for this). To me it was like ahhh the first and maybe the last of me to go to a concert ( I was never a true fan of concerts anyway).
But I am very very blessed and thankful of kind souls in my life who have always thought of me when it comes to such small things. The last time, I had Jian Hao and Boy Thunder (now known as Gerald Koh) to thank for the 1D premiere and this time Thanks to Evon for the invite to Show Luo’s concert. Two of my favourites and by two groups of lovable friends.
Here is a life lesson: Always do good in life and good things will come to you in many shapes and form.

The rest of my pictures are up on my Facebook, so add me at sitishyuhaila.
I cant upload the whole concert cause I was enjoying his performances but I do have some clips which are just too good not to be shared LIVE. Please enjoy it here:

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