Glorious Food, especially for homecooked food

I woke up really early today…meh at 12noon. It’s a public holiday and my bodyclock couldn’t care less. She decided to while away the hours under the blanket regardless of the sun so high in the sky. Pardon the rambling moment…
I recently took to gardening, what did I just said? I lied, I meant to say that I wanted to take care of a few plants and to be precise- herbs.

I gotten my first pot of lemon basil and It has been a great pleasure taking care of the plant. I guess I would not have a chance to take care of another living being such as a pet but I guess a plant could count too right?
I am now looking for friends for my plant, such as thyme, marjoram and even mint. As much as I would love to growing them from seedling, I do not have the patience and skill, so I bought them mini-style and nurture them from there (oh my is this an adoption?) ahhh yeh yeh yeh.
If you guys have any advise for me to nurture my plants well, please drop me a message (gracias!)

Today as I was harvesting some of the leaves from the plant which was growing too tall for the pot base, I decided to use it in my cooking. With ingredients like chicken, potato & carrot, I decided “let’s whip up something in the kitchen”…

1st Batch of Lemon Basil harvested
I had potatoes and carrots to begin with

My Lovely chicken bought previously
Salted veg cos I was craving for it

Let me present to you the menu for dinner tonight, EVERYBODY!
Salted Vegetables with deshelled prawns
Chicken Soup with Lemon Basil
Jemput Makan, Bismillah

On the whole, it was a nice nourishing dinner which I had prepared for my family. Hope to try out new dishes soon, probably over the weekend.

Cheers and delicious (I just had to do that ^_^)

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