The Leaders

As I was writing this post, I was making references to another BIG news which hit the music industry in South Korea. The lawsuit from Kris (leader of sub-unit EXO-M) to his agency SM Entertainment. If you have been around long enough and read up on news, you will find this a tad bit of common happenings within SM entertainment. I truly have no idea why but this is just what is being portrayed by them to the public.

Back to my point, No! this blog ain’t going to be about Kris nor is it going to be about SM Entertainment. I am more perturbed by the fact that Kris have proceed to make a request to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment, but what does that mean? To my understanding, well he is basically going to be fired, jobless, needa-find-a-new-employer, so on and so forth. The ripple of his action have been so great till fans all over the world shed tears & cried for him, stomped to the agency and feel pain for him, there were even news that his fan(s) committed suicide because of this. But WHY?
So why do they care so much? If I say that I am going to be jobless after this month (#Truth) to set out on my new preferred path, who will cry for me? who will feel sad for me? who? Well I can answer that probably -.-;
I just want to say, in this world there are mainly two types of people (or maybe more): The Leaders and The Followers.
-Celebrities, Artistes, Performers : This group of people owes their living and also their publicity to the support and love from their fans. They strive and thrive to do their very best for the sake of the people. Leaders inspire, influence and become role models which make people associate with them and learn how to feel for others. I would not say that these people are just looking for fame, cos everything has a price, nothing comes for free. Basically, they have my respect because to be able to garner followership & respect without touching people physically is a talent, let’s recognise it, It Is An Achieved Talent.
Power can be given to an individual or it can be earned by an individual, let’s just say power represents a few different factors: respect, money, love, companionship just to name a few. We can have all this transferred to us by name but whether we can retain them or own them depends totally on ourselves-Are We Ready for it? A country’s success depends on the government who depends on the growth of the leaders who must nurture the household who protects the people at home. It all boils down to the foundation. Nothing comes easy but easy come, easy go.
Leaders who serve with a willing heart do not have any expectations of their subordinates except one, for the followers to pass on the great things they have learn by influencing and inspiring. Rules are set up as a guideline but if nobody subscribes to it, then rules are meant to be broken. You cannot give what you do not have, so if you do not trust or believe in your people, they have the right to refuse to be yours.
I am not going to touch on followers here, because that is a totally different ball game on its own. To achieve the Yin & Yang, the balance have to come from the Top and Bottom. If I have a chance to share my views on the Follower, I will do so in another post.
With that, I would like to dedicate my favourite song ever The Leaders by G-Dragon (feat. Teddy & CL)


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