Sweet Sweet Temptations

I had the opportunity in recent months to look into the kitchen of a baker and watching the behind the scenes of a baker at work. The dream cake that all kids want for their birthdays are made by these hands. I have always imagined myself trying to produce such art pieces but I know my limit cause I know myself.

As I was talking to the owner of My Sweet Cocoa, who is also my long time Poly-Mate friend, her business consists of desserts catering, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc for weddings, birthdays, basically any events that requires a dessert corner that is where you may find her and her grandeur decorations to suit the theme.

A simple video to show one of the theme set-up
To me cooking is a therapy session but to some baking is also a form of therapy which can help them to de-stress, clear their mind or simply feel the satisfaction of seeing the final product (cake). So we determine ourselves what is therapeutic enough for us. Some say, life is like baking a cake, we need chemistry and that starts from the ingredients. The recipes are the so-called rules or processes, which must be followed or we surely will know the outcome 😛 (flat/sunken cake). 
When we have all the different ingredients put together, they represent the things we have in our lives; our family, career, friends, study & others. When they are mixed in proportion according to the guide of the recipe, the end product will be a wonderful, delicious cake for everyone to share together. That I would say is your life which you have optimised to its fullest.
I would like to invite you to come onto this magical sweet journey with My Sweet Cocoa, celebrate your special moments (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc) with her. 
Email your enquiries to: my_sweet_cocoa@yahoo.com

Here are some of her works, but please do not be taken aback by the beauty, keep calm & Enjoy Love!

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