Chinese Herbal Soup for dinner | zsiti

Basically I am not a sucker for soup, however I do enjoy a good bowl of hot soup once in a while. I am always able to try out my hands with limited ingredients and I take pleasure in these art pieces of mine.
In this post, I found in my kitchen a packet of herbal soup sachet lying around (well not literally, my guess was that somebody may have bought it and kinda forgotten about it, Now did I check the expiry before cooking it???? well, anyway…)

I have tried using chinese herbs in my cooking and I usually buy those packed herbs from NTUC or Sheng Siong Supermarket. This Seah’s spices however came in powdered sachet bag which I can’t see the content of it (and it is “Halal”). However, it is simply a throw into the pot and let it seeped out from the bag while I boil it with my other ingredients. Mostly, I do not use any other preservatives (like ajinomoto) or even salt in this case. The smell and taste was strong and nice, just the way I like it. To better define, I like the smell of ginseng, 5 spices, “Dang Shen” or even “Bei Qi” so you can figure out that I enjoy such particular smell. It is like when I step into a chinese medical provision hall, I find peace…hmmmm XD.
When I was saying I had limited ingredients, I initally placed only chicken into the boiling water, then I remembered that I had carrots, so I chopped a few and dropped them in as well. It was as easy as 1,2,3.
1) Boil water and add my chicken and the herbal soup spice bag

2) While it is boiling, to ensure that your chicken soup taste delicious and not oily till it gives you a sickening feel, I take an extra step to check and filter out the oil which rises to the surface. It can be hard work I know but it gives your soup at the end a clear nice taste and yeah a bit more healthy since you would not be consuming all that oil 🙂
 photo http---makeagifcom--media-5-17-2014-nVK0PM_zps25007c34.gif

3) Scoop into a bowl, give it some pepper to taste and enjoy ❤
My side dish had to be something stronger in taste, like chilli vegetable to balance out with my light soup. So I had cabbage stir-fried with some chilli paste and [Bam] was that an evil mojo combo #Level9000
Everytime I stir fry my vegetable I always like to add black vinegar into it, I am not sure why but it gives a tangy taste which I.SO.LOVE.IT
 photo http---makeagifcom--media-5-17-2014-1CX_yM_zps3dbdf5f4.gif
And the final meal layout with a plate of warm rice…
Asian Level No 1
So what would you cook if you had the same ingredients as me? 🙂
So if you guys are curious to my lemon basil herb plant, it is still growing fine and I have also added a new collection to my herb sill, a pot of lemon balm. However, that new addition need more attention and I need help to understand, whyyyyyy…D:

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