Words can be weapons

Do you know that you are powerful, all of us are. We do not need any special weapons or tools to arm ourselves. All we need is our mouth and the choice of words that pop up in our head. Not all of us have the opportunity to learn about psychology or study on human behaviour. When researchers study into such topics, it gets my interest aroused and I like to read into them and understand about the outcome.

Recently, I came upon this research done in Shenyang by the Center for Psychological Research. The study simply shows the end point where we need to understand that our words carries weight and it can be  a burden onto the receiving party at the end of the day. We can be casual about things and state negative matters out, be it to our own children, our peers or family members. How many times do we give ourselves the reason- “it’s just a joke, or, it didn’t really mean anything, i’m just educating them”. 
But do you know, our brain have already registered such words, useless, moron, stupid, lazy (just to name a few). When the receiving end do not understand the real purpose, all they hear are these words implied onto them. 
Growing up thinking they are ugly, useless, stupid or better off gone will always haunt them. These are the kids we are talking about, immature because of their youth and still weak in their mind. Does this mean that anyone older can take it any way better? Haven’t you heard, some of us grows old in age but never matures. People who refuse to grow up and wisen themselves, will fall in the category of a weak mindset. They will be susceptible to peer pressure, gets swayed easily and most of all gets selfish over a self-protective mechanism.
If we do not watch what we tell our children today, we are just starting a vicious cycle into their lives. When they live on, they are going pass on the “viciousness” onto others around them.
Creative agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing have put together what I would describe as a pretty rough look into the future when words become weapons, click here to Watch the video or play the video below:
To see how the words have been creatively shaped into real, destructive weapons, visit: http://wordscanbeweapons.com/

If you feel that you may be exposed to such situation and you need someone to talk to, approach a friend or family member. Talk about it and seek a listening ear, or else there is another channel to approach

We do not have to wait for the time to come, your future outcome depends on your current decision.

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