P;log it | zsiti

I am currently making my own plog!

Yes, what comes to mind when you read this? Plog? What is a plog? we have heard of blog, vlog, travellogue and now….plog? 🙂
Without further ado, let me show you how I do things around here 😉
I was introduced to p;log recently and it is a logbook of your pictures adorn with all the sweet messages and notes and stuff . But what was more exciting is that: Imagine all the pictures arranged together and made into your very own book to give as a gift for birthday, wedding anniversaries or celebration for any special moments for our loved ones ❤

Go to the website plog.com.sg
I can choose to make the arrangements myself or get ideas
I am so excited when I see the different samples that they have
Another Firsts 😉
Capturing the first moments
Making memories from overseas trips
Look at the closing statement “Thank You”

You can also watch their video here, on how to put through an order for your very own p;log:

Now here comes the exciting moment, for this limited time period only. You can get free delivery if you order to make a p;log photo book ( that is like a whooping $10 off your order). Drop me a message at stagetechnique@yahoo.com to enjoy the hot deal today!
Snaps Singapore

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