Singapore Youtubers #SGYT

On 24th May 2014, I released an pilot test APP created for our Singapore Youtubers Page. Just for fun fact, that page have been running since Dec 2010 and the sole purpose was to share various types of videos made locally by our Youtubers in Singapore.

Up to date, there have been a few different genres:
Vlogging, Beauty Guru, Comedian/Skits, Action drama, Games, and last but not least the Musicians. There are mainly solo acts or the more famous Collaborations. WE have even seen a rising trend of overseas collaborations with the youtubers in our neighbouring country, Malaysia or as far as America. Famous youtubers like JinnyBoy, DMThing, DanKhoo have been making constant regular videos and we see locals like NightOwl Cinematics, TheJianHaoTan, WahBanana, CheokBoardStudios working closely with them. Not to mention names like David Choi or Wong Fu Productions!

The Youtube platform have grown so strong and so influential in the recent 3 years, and it really lifted a lot of individuals if not the whole group of people who were on the wagon long long time ago. Everyone wants to get exposure and everybody wants to become a Youtuber 🙂

But we recognise that this kind of things takes time and you never know what will go viral and shared and loved and talked about by everyone. It just happen.
For me the whole journey was an eye-opening and very pleasurable journey, new friends are made and we see friends progress or we lost some people around us. It becomes part of our lives and part of the journey we are walking along.

Organisations are seeing the power of social media and their influence. But of course, they have the $$$ to pump in to get things materialised. So being on the FB page does not mean that “WOW, I am gonna be FAMOUS!”.

As the saying goes: “If you Never try, then You will NEVER know”. Putting up videos doesn’t make one a famous youtuber but how you market and sell yourself on the internet makes you a more engaging and sought after individual.

The current APP is called “Singapore Youtubers”, you can download them from this link: (it is not currently available on Apple or Android store, but I will aim to launch it within the next 3 months or so). Our current Facebook Page is at:

You can see the videos or request to see your favourite local youtubers’ videos on the page if it is not there. I gotta seek for all your understanding that a human is running the platform and although we are prone to make mistakes (we sincerely hope for your kind understanding).

Last of all, thanks for reading my blog and good luck in everything you do!


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