Seize the Fish?

What can you do when you found ingredients in your freezer, in the “no moist” compartment and in your fridge section? Ahhhhh let me take you on a magical carpet ride ~

I’m not jok…really? Do you think I can take you on a ride on a carpet? 🙂
In this post, I wanted to share with you a simple quick recipe of sliced fish noodle which I can whip up for dinner when I reach home after work.
Thus instead of eating instant noodles with all that MSG, try out different new alternatives. You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen and you can prepare a simple recipe with. Are you ready? Here we go:

I am not a fan of onions, shallots, garlic or anything of their kind or family. SO I simply started to boil the water without any stir-frying of onions whatsoever. I understand that if you would want your dishes to taste nicer and smell much more savoury, you are encouraged to do that. But as I said, this is my simple recipe which took me less than 20mins to prepare.

1) Firstly, I boiled some water in a pot and when it starts to boil, I added in some NTUC Premium Oyster Sauce. I was curious to the difference between the normal oyster sauce and the premium oyster sauce (apart from the 0.65cents price difference), but I decided to go along with the premium one as there was a promotion (2 for $4.35). The most important thing is the oyster sauce do not contains any MSG! Woo hoo.

2) As I let the soup base slowly simmer over low heat, I started to add in the vegetables, especially those “harder” ones first. I took the stem of a broccoli and I was wondering, why throw away when I can just cut away the outer skin and then cook it? That seems to be the hardest vegetable that I had, so I threw that into the stock first, followed by the sliced ginger. I wanted the ginger taste to spread through the soup base well. Other vegetables that I had prepared were tomatoes and yau mak chye.

Star Ingredient No. 1

3) The next key ingredient in this dish would be my fish, I did not specifically spend money to cook them but as I mentioned, I checked what was in my freezer/fridge before I decide what dish to cook. So I had this simple normal fish. Which I debone it and stir-fry it with olive oil before setting it aside.

Star Ingredient No. 2

4) At this stage, I am left with the final steps of throwing in the rest of the ingredients, I have the fish, noodle and the milk left. So after letting the soup comes to a complete boil, I add in the fish and bee tai mak noodle and the special guest: Evaporated Milk (King of the King cos I am the Queen, woo hoo hoo hoo)

Bee Tai Mak was easy to eat and taste good too
My King fit for a Queen 🙂
By now, I just let it boil with all my ingredients inside and I add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste, and garnished with two slices of seaweed. Shortly after…VOILA!

 photo komedi_1400771371149_972_zpsbc664340.gif

zsiti Homecooked Sliced Fish Noodle Soup

Please do try them and if you have any other awesome simple recipe which do not require the whole kitchen to be overhaul, please do share them with me so that I can try them out too!


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