My own simple Home Made Green Smoothie

Heard of Jen and Jadah from the simple green smoothie? oh well, there is always a start and you are fated to have read this entry and get to know of these two lovely ladies.
I am always keen to whip up my own recipe and try them out from home either with an improvised menu or similar style.
My first glass of green smoothies was made purely on the choice of green spinach as that was what Popeye ate to become stronger ‘aight?
The rest of the ingredients were totally out of random which I decided to mix them together. Lo and behold I had mango juice and mango yogurt in my fridge, so I decided to pimp it up with some berries and grapes 🙂
I must say the drink do not look as appetising cos of the green colour however, the taste was hmm oh so yummy. Just imagine, in just one serving, I made 3 glasses of smoothies with 2 cups of raw spinach. Now tell me how often do you chomp on raw veg? Not often than that, we can also choose to have salad and fruits but to me, what better way than to combine them all together.
I made extra cups to be stored in the fridge. However I realised, I cant resist the temptation knowing that I have a delicious green smoothie sitting in my fridge the whole day. 🙂
My next plan would be to get a mason jar, for easy storage and its just so cool (and adorable I must say)
Here is a video of how I made my green smoothie. I will update again with another grrreeeen smooothie menu soon!


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