Cheers to our health | Green Smoothie

You have simply got to love green smoothies and you do not have a reason NOT to. Cos it is just too nice. I signed up recently for this 30 days Green Smoothie challenge and they sent to me recipes, after notes after facts on welcoming me on this challenge. For one thing which we all should know, money do not grow on trees and definitely food in Singapore are basically….. not cheap.

In order for me to carry on with the 30 days Green Smoothie Challenge and not create a hole in my wallet. I decide to improvise. Well, life is like that, why choose between 1 or 2 when you can have BOTH 1 & 2. I chose the recipe to be repeated for about a week, so that the ingredients which I gotten from NTUC or Cold Storage can well last me for a whole week supply of Green Smoothie.
In fact, by the time I got sick of the same ingredients, I just have to change or add in one new ingredient to create a whole new blend.
The one thing which I took away from this challenge is that everything is a guide, there is no right or wrong recipe but it’s more of what makes your tastebud happy.
Another pointer is that being on this 30 days Green Smoothie Challenge means its the time when I have the most veg ever in one plate. I mean how often do you chomp on raw spinach or kale? Yeah tell me about that. At first, when I looked at the ingredients, I was taken aback but after the first mug, it lead me to the second, third and so on Yummmm!
So Meet Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard, founders of simple green smoothies. They are on the mission to spread the love of green smoothies and ….they got me!
Click on the link to read up more about them and I look forward to you joining us on this journey too!


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