Gout, what and why?

Have you all heard about gout? Gout is a type of arthritis where the sufferers will have swollen, painful & red joints. This condition used to be called a Rich Man’s disease but now it may affect people from all walk of life as many have access to good food.

Gout happen when the body cannot handle the excess of uric acid produced from the breakdown of purine. Purine is a substance found in high protein food and when it goes into excess, it leads to an excessive uric acid in the blood. These may get deposited in the joints and tendons, thus causing gout (crystallizes and obstruct the movement of the joints).
Gout can be so serious that there will be severe pain and difficult in mobility, even simple act of bending down to tie the shoe laces may pose as a challenge.

Gout can be hereditary and the risk of getting gout increases when one is male, overweight and/or maybe having hypertension (and is on medication). Women although are less likely to get gout, may still have the possibility especially as their age increase or when they hit post-menopausal age.
As more people are able to access to “good food”, this means young people possibly have a higher risk of getting them too. In Singapore, as younger people turn to convenient food and alcohol ,it is no wonder that the younger crowd seem to be seeking treatment for it. Their diet have turned to drinking and eating rich food, shunning fresh fruits & vegetables.

Although there is no known cure for Gout, there are however measures in place as to avoid letting gout take control of your health. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, it is never a bad idea to drink plenty of water so as to dilute the uric acid, avoid alcohol and high-purine animal organs & shellfish. Before you begin on any self-healing advise or treatment, get a confirmation and check-up with your doctor first. Seeking proper medical help is always important.

Here is a list of food which are to avoid when having gout, remember when in doubt-seek proper medical help.


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