Turquoise is the colour of my hair

The Lonely Wordsmith
May 19

Turquoise, I smile, a nice green-y blue
Oh how that colour reminds me of you
As I sit here and stare out at the sea
Oh how I wish you’d be here with me

I had my hair done again and this time around, I was inspired by TOP’s bubble gum colour and GD baby blue and pink colour. So I went to my regular hair salon to get my hair done.
I was always bleaching my hair (but relax guys, I do go for treatments too and I cut my hair regularly so that my spoilt ends are always gone by then), so I do not have to wait in the salon chair for too long to let the colours develop.
My hair is also able to naturally adapt the colours fast and deep enough. The last time I did green colour, when I bleached it for the blue, the green was so hard to remove…gosh golly. This time around the minor bleach took effect real well. I really like my current hairstylist cause she gave good and practical advise on colours and my hair. So it was definitely not going to be a waste of money as I will definitely be happy with the result. 
I had experienced before when the colour was not what I expected (ughhh i became Sun WuKong’s assistant *roll eyes).
At Kami Hair Studio, I am very impressed with the director’s selection and quality of colours as well as her valuable advice which comes along with it. Out of all the different salon that I have ever tried their hair colouring products, this is by far the BESTEST one which I have ever done.
Her hair products are awesome and did I mention that her prices are pocket friendly. Just one month before I did my hair at her salon, I went to do blue highlights and trim my hair abit and that cost me $190. This time around with my favoured coloured highlight and truly lovely results, that cost me a sweeping $120/-

The moment to be waiting for #selfie
HAHA, can you see it?
Okay, can U see it NOW? 
Boo! Okay, here you can clearly see my whooping colours!

I am truly loving my colours and how she segmented my hair accordingly so that my hair do not go all out so shocking!

Come and try the colours and haircut at Kami Hair Studio today and enjoy the pleasant results for the crown on your head!

Kami Hair Studio
Blk 46 Holland Drive

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