A Day at a Birthday with My Sweet Cocoa

Thus the title have explained, ’twas a day for birthday but no, it was not mine. I have planned well for mine with a group of close friends and we are just looking forward to the date itself 🙂 which I will update again in due time.
Today, I had the chance to help out with My Sweet Cocoa© at one of their customer’s birthday party set-up. There were about 30 over kids celebrating their 1st Birthday…

We arrived early on location, which was secluded in the east but the venue was awesome, nice and pleasant (Refer to Lock & Key at Bedok Reformative Centre, note that it was mentioned this clubhouse is reserved for high ranking uniformed officers and staff but I am not sure how true is that).

The place was surrounded by lush greeneries and clear space, it made the whole place very refreshing and peaceful.

From far, one can appreciate the clubhouse which is situated right at the top
There was no shelter but the place was calm and peaceful

Popcorn topped Cream Cheese, Nutella, Banana cupcake

A Cowboy theme Awesome Cake Table
Setting up #MyAwesomeCakeTable took about an hour and a half to complete. It was one satisfying experience from the hay to the bottled “milk” to the cake layering and all that helium balloons that I tied! It was definitely a party for the kids, not one but 30 of them! 
 If you want to see more of My Sweet Cocoa works, head down to her Instagram (@my_sweet_cocoa) to view all the wonderful creations that she have made. (Use hashtags #Mysweetcocoa, #Myawesomecaketable)
When you have any events that you would like to hear from the baker herself, drop them an email at: my_sweet_cocoa@yahoo.com
My Sweet Cocoa,
Baker, Theme-setter, Creative Director for your desserts

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