Batam on Father’s Day 2014

Firstly, it was a sunday, then it was Father’s day, then it was a day I was overseas……too much on one day….XD or so I say.
My Dad is a member of the RC in our home area and so this time around, he was in charge to organise and overseas trip to Batam for the residents. Since I was free and stuff, I was like why not…

The gathering time was way too early like at 6.30am but I guess I can understand well this is called really preparation in advance cause you never know when something may crop up in the last minute.

Gathering point at the Senior Citizen’s corner
My OOTD #Nike #AirJordan #red
Our ferry timing is at 8.25am so you can see how early we are that the sky is still….blue?!?
Well, we took the ferry at 8.25am and sailed for about 40mins before reaching Harbour Bay in Batam. It was a great cooling weather in the morning PLUS the cold blast of Aircon in the ferry. This is to prepare us for a day of heat coming up real soon XD.
Since this is an organised group tour, we were tagging along with a tour guide who brought us around. Thanks to VIP Tours for their kind guidance.
The itinerary was simple, if you have been to Batam once on a tour, all the other tours will definitely be the same Hahahaha (just had to add that laughter). Basically, we went to two temples, went to Polo Ralph Lauren shop, then to the keropok warehouse shop and also Lapis Cake shop. Every time I went there, each vendor says they are the best in Batam (by now I lost count of who to trust already XD).
Before we set off, each of us was given a vegetatarian pau, oh my, that tasted so good.
Here is another picture of some goodie-look-inside-the-bag 😀
The only difference will be the party that I travel with, to some it was a new experience for them so I can humour them by listening to their sharing as if it was my first time there. Well I lasted for the first 3 stops, then after that, the heat, lack of sleep and everything adds up that I had to declare I am not stepping down from the bus because I have basically seen everything countless times.
So there I was seated and slept comfortably in the bus but of course…
A VIP worthy selfie 🙂
A montage of a few places we been to in Batam
When will u land on my plate, dear Fishies?
Here are some of the pictures for the whole morning event, you can see the rest of the pictures to this Batam trip with Buona Vista Zone D RC at my facebook: sitishyuhaila
The list of places we went to shop:
StarMoon Cakes and cookies (for Lapis Cake)
A Keropok shop in Nagoya
Laughing Buddha Temple
Da Be Kong Temple
Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet
A roadside stall selling handcrafted items
A wet market which was near Astro Food Court (but one which I do not know the name)
Batam Golden Prawn 933 Seafood
Ace Hotel
Thanks Mindy for keeping me moist and wet the whole day, WAIT WHAT? Just kidding XD
Drink lots of plain water everyday XOXO

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