How Do I Travel with Ease?

Planning for my next getaway and yes it is coming again (next month:P). I take pleasure in packing my luggage to ensure that I do not forget anything. To do so, it simply means going minimal. Well, less means more…right?

With my heavy duty canvas rucksack, I travel with my backpack everywhere even for my trip to Europe. It can really store a lot of things inside but I limit myself with the flight carry-on weight (that is a form of self control while shopping for souvenirs). I bring along just necessary items and thin clothing which would save me a lot of space. The next important thing I emphasize on would be my shoes. A major portion of my travelling would be on foot as I explore different places in the country, that is why I bring along best shoes that work for me. 

As much as I love to wear slippers, I choose sneakers or proper covered shoes when I travel as I wouldn’t know the condition of the places that I will be at. In the event that the outdoors are dry or humid or even uneven ground. Yet at the same time, I never compromise on the fashion aspect when I travel ;).
I can be strolling or trekking in the morning and by evening time, dinner and drinks at some cafe or restaurants. 

I am very versatile in my fashion and I love wearing either heels or women sneakers, I have no preference for either one so how do I choose my shoes? 
 1) Category: I do not generally splurge on shoes but I have a collection of slippers/sandals, heels, flats, sneakers and boots.
2) Price: I do not believe that the higher the price means the shoes are better quality. Instead I look out for great deals and those shoes can be gotten sometimes at a quarter of the price (woopeee!!!Discount)
3) Colours: In order to match my outfits (eh hmmm), my collections range from all kind of colours to suit whatever the occasion and style.
4) Last but not least would be Brand: I am not saying that brand does not matter because when I adapt to a few brands and they satisfy my needs, I am a loyal buyer. So far, I am a collector for Nike, Converse, Vans, Bronx, Lacoste, Marks & Spencer to name a few. 
I do not basically enjoy shopping, some can say that I shop like a guy (no offense) but I believe in efficiency, when I need something I go straight to the shop and obtain the items. Alternatively, I do enjoy browsing online from sites which have a great collection of brands such as Zalora, etc. Just imagine all the time that I am saving from all these so that I can do more productive work for myself. From browsing through magazines and fashion journals, I get an insight on what is latest trend and that inspires me to purchase according to what I need.
That is why, I choose to subscribe to newletters which can provide me relevant information of great sale/discount or fashion which can benefit me!
                                                           Till we meet again! Ciao~


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