Pertapis Children’s Carnival 2014

In the early part of June, I attended the Pertapis Children’s Carnival. Together it was a collaboration between Wedding Meets Design X My Sweet Cocoa X Chiavari Singapore and ZSITI of course.

We manned a stall and sold cupcakes, Nachos, and other food enjoyed by everyone. The proceeds will go 100% to charity, so we spent our whole day there with the free performances, new friends that we made and also enjoy in the atmosphere of different organisations coming together as one in Singapore to give our support to the whole event.

It was one horrible hot afternoon turned great as the response from everyone was overwhelming. As nobody let the hot weather deters them from putting their best forward for the event. Everyone was all smiles and laughter and cheers to pump the organisers, the stall handlers and the kids at the home. July would be the Muslim’s fasting month and we remind ourselves to be thankful of what we have and appreciate. Carry on to give blessings and to love all who comes our way.

Enjoy the clips of some of the happenings on the day itself here:

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