Have a scar which you want to get rid of?

2 weeks ago, I had a minor dumb accident. I accidentally burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe on the van. To my despair, It left me with a deep mark for about a week D:

Luckily at that point of time, I received my samplestore items and one of them seem to be my lifesaver…

Introducing Hiruscar! 

This application is for scar and keloid care. Imagine the happiness that I have when I know that I have the solution in a tube 🙂
It can be used on depressed or raised scars caused from surgery/accidents/burns/pimples or even stretch marks! The gel is good for scars new and old (but less than 2 years of age). So the other scar which I gotten about 14 years ago while learning to ride a bicycle can never go away. However, the marks are near to my freshly obtained scar from 2 weeks ago, I decided…well why not!?

The application was simple, it just needed extra TLC (Tender Loving Care) daily 3-4 times, to be applied generously and rubbed gently for 2-3minutes. That does not take me a lot of time or effort and if it is for the benefit of my self, what should stop me from doing so…:D

For the next one week, I observed the scar which I applied Hiruscar on. Below are the pictures from day 1 to Day 6.

Thanks to the specially formulated ingredient such as MPS, Allium CEPA, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B3 & E the gel proves its efficacy in making scar appear less visible, smoother and softer. Another great thing is: it is 100% Alcohol Free, so it will definitely not dry up your skin.

The results were amazing and this definitely made me search for Hiruscar to carry on applying. They have the latest record of scar fading away after 12 weeks of application. Did I also mentioned that the gel smells good, it does not have any weird smelling fragrant at all. If you are wondering where to obtain Hiruscar. Just head down to Watson/Unity/Guardian or SaSa and check out their shelves.

Leave me a comment if you have remedies to get rid of old scars!!!


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