Korean green onion Pancake (Pajeon) 파전

Sometimes you just feel so hungry yet you do not want a heavy meal. At the same time as you are watching that Kdrama online, you get tempted by all the roadside snacks which they are eating or even that humongous bowl of bimbimbap rice they are eating at home. Well do you have such cravings? temptations? No? Just me? Oh well….here we go…

I love recreating food and dishes which I see online from dramas or the internet and make it happen in my kitchen. I do not see much need to go to a restaurant to fork out that money for a meal. So with a few ingredients on hand, this was the snack I made for my family the last weekend.

All I need are four steps with 4 key ingredients and poofy, crispy magic can appear.
1) Plain flour 2) Water 3) Spring Onion 4) Egg

As always, there are alternatives to creating this korean pancake which means you can be using wholemeal flour or wheat flour as a healthier alternative. The veg that you can use includes, scallion or kimchi or what I used spring onions.
All these ingredients were simply mixed with water till it becomes a batter and then fried on a skillet. The key thing to making this batter, is that the consistency must be thinner or more runnier than a pancake mix, this will ensure the batter to cook evenly and it can be thin enough that it will remain crispy NICE!

 photo gickrcom_1f625449-72ed-7aa4-a5af-05fed58c93ca_zpscbc55b37.gif

Add a bit of oil to prevent the batter from sticking to the skillet
Leave each side to cook between 2-3 mins or till golden brown

It can be served plain, or with kimchi or as I created an option with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise (reminds me of okonomiyaki, let me include that in my future blogpost)
So try out this simple recipe and share them with your family and friends!

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