New York Skin Solutions

Stepped into New York Skin Solutions at Takashimaya branch recently. It was an amazing first time experience with them as the consultants were all greeting me with wide smiles and kindness as they ushered me to the consultation room.
The procedures all seem way professional yet very friendly at the same time. Thanks to for this Exclusive Skincare Treatment worth $368 (for Free!)

First, I had to complete a “Face Consultation Card” with my details, skin condition and a little of my medical history and background. This is to ensure that any of the treatment would not clash with any other treatments that I may have.
Then my lady consultant, Evon came into the room. We started with the professional In-depth skin analysis. This is where you see on that computer screen the enlarged images of my skin (and all the worries like, dryness, oily skin, wrinkles, lack of collagen, etc) Oh my goodness that got me quite worried for that moment.
After the analysis and her recommendation, we proceed to do the treatment in another room. After changing and lying down on the chair, she began her magic (HydroCollagen Treatment).
About 45 mins later, the whole treatment ended, I had my peaceful rest and enchanting experience at New York Skin Solutions. I never believed that when an experience went well for me that means it will be a guarantee for everyone else. This is because every individual react differently, thus when an opportunity arise for one to sample, do not be afraid and take up the chance.
If you are keen to try out the exclusive skincare treatment, you can sign up for: and be availed to exclusive treatment and products!
Signing up is FREE and be ready to try products and be loved! 

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