Wedding at Beaulieu House

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a wedding of an old school mate, way about 10 years back. Yes, we have been friends way back since our secondary school years and also had the same CCA. It’s amazing how we do not keep in touch often but yet when occasion calls for it, we are all there for one another to give our blessings and support!

It was a fabulous event set on a tuesday afternoon at the Beaulieu House in Sembawang park. It is one of Singapore Seaside Restaurant which have been around for ages. I remember going to the seaside in the past with my family and Dad would be fishing in the waters. Although it was murky and swampy, a fanatic fisherman would really spend their time waiting for the catch.

Nowadays, the place is so much more cleaner, the water feels much safer to be in and the whole landscape has developed so much. Being there, was truly a throw back into memory lane for me.

Dear Ms Wang (pictured), on this day you wed with the love of your life, Mr Wu. So the rest of us would like to wish you a blessed marriage and may it last for eternity. We are really happy to see you being happy and so gorgeous on your special day!

Thanks for having me there too!
Great to see both Fangmin and Wai Yee
Set during tea time, the spread of food was delish. It was simple finger food but every single bit was well done.
The solemnisation was done in the open overlooking the Sembawang Park seaside and the tossing of the hand flower bouquet was done on the jetty itself (sadly I did not have pictures of that, well a girl gotta do what she have to do…right?) 
Solemnisation table overlooking the seaside

Guests gathering outside of the restaurant
Justice of Peace opening the ceremony
Reading their vows to each other
 Lastly, all five parties signed on the certificate

Before I complete this post, let me share with you the goodies and the table setting theme on that day ( which were like my favourites…)

Different tables had different tags and I was at the Tom & Jerry table
Wedding pictures
Wedding album
The goodie bag with real goodies we received
Once again, Congratulations to Peizhi and Zaiyi (newly-wed: Mr & Mrs Wu) and may you be blessed with an everlasting joy and prosperity in the family.


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