Socialising on SgHood

Firstly she had a dream, a small one to connect her neighbourhood and then it grew to neighbouring neighbourhood until it spread to the other parts of Singapore.

All she ever wanted was a platform to connect us with our neighbours. Since all of us are busy or seem to be busily engaged on our smartphone, tablet, ipad, laptops we rarely go out to meet our neighbours, have small chats at the void deck or just hanging out.
But every one of us may have the need to sell some stuff, share some gifts or even contribute their effort or skill set. What better way to do so then going to a portal that can connect you specifically to the areas that you are keen. Instead of just maintaining your communications within your circle of friends who may be over Singapore, you may sometimes be looking for “kakis” in your neighbourhood to play football/badminton or chess maybe.
You may have some items to clear which your neighbours may be keen on it. In those times, you would wish that your next door neighbour would just knock on your door and go “Hey, that is an interesting item you have, wanna trade? sell? Deal done!”

The beauty of this portal, is the simplicity and the clarity of its purpose-driven mission: Enjoy the resources in your neighbourhood (but don’t stop yourself from travelling to other neighbourhood, if you really really really like that pair of shoes someone is selling;)

1- Hang Out & do things together
2- Sell your things
3- Share & Borrow
4- Find services you need- all in the community

For the past one month or so, I have been actively posting items to clear or services that I am good at to offer to anyone in the neighbourhood. Before this I was a passive account holder and I was just browsing through the posts. Until I have tried it myself, then I realised how convenient it is to post things up on the site.

Visit the site to see for yourself how easy it is to manoeuvre around. Feel free to chat with the friendly neighbours online (but remember, never divulge your personal information online and if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable do give a feedback to the administrator.

If there are other social networking system which you would highly recommend, do share them with me via email:

Till we meet again!


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