Baking Soda for Acne/Pimples

After my last visit to do facial and in-depth skin analysis, I realised more things about my skin especially on my face. So as always, I seek to look for alternatives and natural home-made remedies for better skin.

If you have been eating proper meals, drinking lots of plain water, consuming more fruits and vegetables, yet your skin is still having problems such as acne/pimples. Look no further…

Recently, it has come to my attention on this product, baking soda. Yes, exactly that white powder which you use either in making bread or pancakes or whatever other good stuff. This powder can actually be used on your face and here I will share more on how.

Firstly, these remedies are not guaranteed nor proven to give results but I am sharing based on my opinion and my own trial which I am doing on my own self. So with the disclaimer aside, let me continue:

Baking soda whose chemical name is sodium bicarbonate is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, whereby it helps to reduce the irritation caused by acne/pimples on the face. Another disclaimer here would be, for my skin which is a combination of oily and dry I do get the occasional pop-ups of pimples around my chin area or cheek area but I do not have any serious acne or pimple issues to begin with.

I love to travel with my backpack and I do not bother to lug around big and small bottles of soap and foam for hair, face, body, etc (you get the point) I always want to get an easy way out but we all know there is no such thing. There is a price to pay for laziness, so on my free non-travelling time, I ensure that I take care of the food I eat, drinks (green smoothie recipes available too on my blog), facial care and lifestyle habits which I inculcate.

Baking soda, has the ability to exfoliate the skin through cleaning of the pores thus removing blackheads and with the anti-inflammatory properties, it will reduce any skin irritation on the face.

Here are two easy ways which I have tried at home:

1) Baking Soda Facial Wash: Add in a few tsp of baking soda to my daily facial wash and use it to exfoliate and wash my face.

2) Baking Soda Facial Mask: Add about 8 tsp of baking soda and water together until it becomes a paste. Apply to my face and wait for abour 8-10 mins, after washing off the mask, I applied moituriser to hydrate the skin.

Just a note, you are highly encouraged to do a skin allergy test before you try out this remedy. For me although I was not allergic to baking soda, I experienced a sharp, stinging sensation when applying baking soda on my face. Although it was mentioned online to be normal, I learned to control the amount of baking soda that I am using and feel with my senses as a guide to my remedy.

Once again, there is no hard & fast rule that you MUST follow the amount which I have stated above but this was my trial stage which works for me. As part of my daily facial care routine, I do not do this daily but about 2-3 times per week so that I can let my skin rest in between the cycle.

I hope that for my next visit to the facial salon, will get me a better, improved result with my in-depth skin analysis (fingers crossed)

Before I end off this post, I would also need to clarify that beauty is not skin deep which is really true, all these remedies, facial treatments are mainly countering the problems from the surface. What you do on your daily lifestyle such as the food you eat, supplements which you consume, exercise and rehydration plays a part to improve the situation right from the roots (play on words aye, but seriously no). I will include in another post to share more on why do we have pimples/acne and what does the area where it occurs means to our body.


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