Why is the Top being blamed?

It has come to my attention that sometimes we reap what we sow. When we are trying too hard to be smart, inevitably we become dumb dumb.
My homeland, Singapore a place where i was born, brought up and connected with all the humanoids in it. Our culture is so unique and special because we are a great mixture of different races yet we can balance harmony and peace together.
Let’s zoom in on culture-Respect, accountability, Integrity. Simple yet the most difficult to do. The top of the government, our forefathers, our pioneers have maintained great culture and discipleship from within but as it moves downwards there are people whom do not carry out such values and this is being passed on to everybody else.

Where does corruption comes from? The Top. How about miscommunication? The Top. Unhappiness and distrust? The Top. But in fact, how many of us can prove that its really coming from the Top (higher rung of management). Why is it not the middle rungs or in-between layers of the people that created such problems?

Let’s think about it: human beings are never satisfied easily and especially when they do not have the wisdom and heart to think For others, automatically we think FOR Ourselves only. So greed, selfishness comes in. We want more and we will get it by hook or by crook.

Mgt Cartoon 

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