How do you "cool" down?

We are now in the midst of our neverending summer period in Singapore. Everything is also hot, everywhere also feel hot and still got GSS some more…wah hot ahhh.

But life still goes on, work still carries on just like the sun will come out in the morning and rest at night. The one thing I dread most is the trapped heat inside the body which can lead to more unfavourable condition such as falling sick or having a prolonged headache. Uhhh heat kills me…

What are the symptoms that you have to know if you are feeling “heaty” or not? For me, its clear cut simple, I will feel slightly warm and having an unexplainable headache which happen just like that. At the same time, my mouth starts to get dry and I will always feel thirsty. To the extent that I could feel my mouth swelling and that lead me to bite my lips or inner cheeks consistently.

These are the symptoms that I feel immediately within a day if I get “heaty”. I am someone who have been brought up to consult traditional chinese medicine doctor. I never believe in western medication or in other words, paracetamol or antibiotics. I have stopped taking them about ten years back.

The first thing I do is to drink lots of plain water, I would prefer to also take cooling water such as Antelope Brand, 3 Legs or Cool Rhino. They are plain water filled with herbs which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and also dispels heat and toxin from the body. Although this has not been fully investigated by medical research, well what can they say when it works for yourself?

Just moments after drinking a bottle of cooling water (200ml), I can feel the immediate relief in my body which makes me more refreshed (and less irritated) thus not falling even more sick. However, it is up to us to control our consumption of such drinks. Everything we do, we must strive for a balance and not go to the extreme.

There are no published side-effects of drinking too much cooling water, but I would suggest to drink it at a minimum. Whenever I feel heaty over a period of time, I only allow myself to drink up to 2 bottles only. Apart from that, I will wear a cap and thin clothing or even try to stay out of the sun if possible so that I do not absorb too much heat.

Well as they say, prevention is better than cure. On other days, I will also drink more herbal tea or “Liang Teh” as the chinese call it which is good for cooling our internal body system too. Sometimes just plain water may not be sufficient. Added with a good intake of fresh fruits like watermelon, apple, oranges it works as a balance to our daily diet.

Till we meet again, dunk urself with loads of water people and stay out of the sun especially during the peak hours!


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