Shoes are my best friend

To take a step into the wild, open space full of adventure, one would simply need a good companion…at your feet.
As an avid traveller, I am always on the move every month to look for new things to discover, new places to see and new path to take. When I make it a point to travel every month, I clocked my mileage with the shoes I bring.
On every trip, I will be focused on sight-seeing or shopping and these two activities require me to be on foot most of the time. Even if I were to drive, some places would still require me to walk quite a fair bit. That is why I place a lot of emphasis on the shoes I wear.
Furthermore, as my trips are mainly backpacking that means I cannot bring my whole shoe closet to match my clothes or the occasion. Which brings me to another point, the shoes that I bring must be able to match half of the clothes I bring and to all the places that I will be at: functions, classy dinners, casual walks or trekking.

Being bestowed with a fairly large pair of feet, does not deter me from getting comfortable shoes for myself. I have shoes customised to my feet and also customised for different events. The difference I feel between shoes that I buy off the shelves compared to those that I custom made from my shoe-maker is a whole world apart. The comfort makes me able to walk much longer, and most importantly do not have any repercussions at the end of the day (back in the hotel room with salon pas all over my poor little feet).
One brand which I like to check out their shoes collections would be Mitju because of their wide range of heels, flats and sandals which I adore!ย 
Good shoes make for good companion and it has to be fit for the Queen ๐Ÿ™‚ A life of luxury is when you can traipse around happily.
Travelling has been a part of me and I have quit my 9-5 job to set out to do what I love and document my experiences. To be able to travel far and wide and consistently, the passion must be kept warm and comfortable. A good pair of shoes need not cost a bomb neither must it be dull or monotonous.

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Shoes are my best friend
Stay tuned to MITJU new range of customizable shoes which will be available in store from 25/07/2014. Check out https: // for more updates and events.


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