World Cup 2014

So World Cup 2014 have come and gone just like that. Obviously, I do not follow the world cup but it follow me. Reason being, its everywhere and all around me. The atmosphere, the sound, the feel is all about world cup in this period. 
I am not a football fan and even if I know some teams, I will call myself a superficial fan (like the kind that goes ga-ga over some cute hote bod of…okay what were we talking about again?).
When Portugal was out, well that made me more disinterested than ever, especially when that means I wont be able to see Ronaldo in the games anyway. But the last few games especially Brasil was playing, I pinned high hopes on them just because of Neymar (oh lord, I can’t take this an Neymar #pun, hahahhaha). 
It was a big hoo-haah when he gotten “attacked” during the game and gotten injured really bad that he was not able to play for the rest of the World Cup. Then I watched their last game with Germany to see how they will fare…Oh Gosh, they were thrashed till beyond redemption. I mean for a moment there, I thought that some goals, I may have been able to block it (I’m joking). So here I am, more disappointed and saddened than ever but life still goes on.
Eh but seriously, Brasil have won like 5 times and come on if you are playing in the country of the host, tsk give chance leh…..OMG I cannot take that it anymore. I believed the mechanism of soccer is not just in the players capability. The bigger players are the ones in the room with big screens and “moving” the players with papers aka money. That’s a life lesson, when you want to play games, make sure you are the bigger ones. Otherwise you will have to succumb to the pressure of others.
After all that I have written, I just wanted to say that I am being one sore loser and sad supporter cause Brazil lose and yeah I am not being a sport at all. But Oh well, look here cause…it is my right to support whoever I want.

Well, now I can’t wait for the next two World Cup in 2018 and 2022 to be held in Russia and Qatar accordingly. Countries with history as tainted as the stories you hear, much excitement awaits XOXO.

This was training with me and neymar and the boys XD


PS: Congratulations to Germany on their win of the World Cup 2014

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