My Tick Tack Shoes from Mitju

Thanks to The Influencer Network, I received an invite to Mitju Launch of their Tick Tack Shoes!
Mitju being a fashion savvy brand in Singapore has outshine again with this new footwear which brings Mitju to stand out as a brand that is fun, creative, chic and trend-setting. 
I am also happy to bring home a pair of Tick Tack Shoes along with 2 different accessories which can fit my OOTD on different days! With all the colours and different materials available, I was spoilt for choices, but in the end after thinking and planning through (heheheh) I came up with the suede watermelon (YUM). 
As for the accessories, what better way to accentuate my style other than using gold (Glamor Babe~ *cue in laughter* MWAHAHAHA!)
If you want to see the extension of the choices that I had to make before deciding with these two pieces…
Mitju @ Ion

The MC for the event is non other than Silver Ang

Everybody was busy tick tacking (remember my coined word)

The Food Reception was well received

Everyone was busy, admiring the colourful array of Tick Tack Shoes and busy tick tacking (if that is not a word I will coined it to describe the action of clipping the accessories to the shoes to see if it match). With such an enthusiastic crowd even for a private event, the staff of Mitju were friendly and helpful as ever as they recommend the design, the colours and even the materials of the shoes. They put on their bright and wide smile as they attended to each and every enquiries that comes along their way (THANK YOU!) making the whole process a fast, quick and happy one.

The Influencer Network, the body that worked with Mitju to organise this Private event had made everything so wonderful right down to the food and drinks reception which was awesome and very heartful. I guess everybody went home happy and glad (from all the shopping and goodies!)

Now, you can be happy too. Just head down to Mitju @ Ion / @Plaza Singapura  to take a look at the wonderous display of Tick Tack Shoes and bring home a pair or two! Remember, “NO RULES, ANYTHING GOES”



One of my getup and #OOTD, go hip or go home~

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