Detox for skin, face & hair

In the month of July, muslims all around the world rejoice as we commence our fasting period for 30 days. Apart from the religious purpose which we fast, there are in-depth benefits and goodness which fasting do to our body during this holy month of Ramadhan. I know of some non-muslim friends who partake voluntarily in this practise because they want to further take care of their own body.

What really happen to our body when we fast?
In an article written by “The Deen Show” (click here), when we fast our body benefit from the detoxification process as we speed up our metabolism to neutralise toxins and also produce energy internally. All in all, we are letting our body tap its own resources and act to its fullest potential thus becoming more efficient and healthier.

As our body is going through such intricate process, and “clean-up”, it will lead to other factors and changes as well. Namely, our skin, face and scalp. A lot of times when we have acne or pimple issues, one root problem is because of the diet that we have (lacking of water or over-consumption of oily food).

Thus, let’s put a little bit more of effort for ourselves. Prior to this, I had tried a no-poo method for my shampoo. What I did was 1 whole month without using any chemical on my head. Chemical which I am referring too are those found in your shampoo, hair conditioner, gel, clay, all kinds of hair products. This was a method to clear the product build-up on my scalp over a long period of time. I shall not go into much details here but I will touch on it again in another post.

In this post, I want to focus on skincare and generally on my face. I had released an entry previously on baking soda mask/cleanser. Further to that, I had a few friends around me who were also using this method and each and everyone of us are enjoying the process and result of the regime. With the internal cleansing going on, coupled with the naturalising process externally, it is a win-win situation for us.

To recap on my experiment of the baking soda mask/cleanser, click here. In that post, I mentioned that the first time when I use the mixture, it gave me a stinging sensation but it was just for a couple of seconds for the first time. With regular usage of the mixture, my skin became more smooth and the natural exfoliator works really good for my skin. Just remember, it is about achieving the optimum balance internally as well as externally. Having a proper healthy diet leads to good process internally and detoxification which in turn would help us to achieve a youthful, glow in our face. People who have pimple problems amazingly have seen improvements in their skin condition and this give them the confidence to follow through.

Disclaimer: this process may be found anywhere online but the result differs for each individual as we are all different and special in our own ways. Always remember to do an allergy test for your own sake.


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