Hair Re-colouring with Kami Hair Salon

After my last few episodes of bright colours that I have done, it is time for a break. Due to different work commitments and projects which I have on hand too, I had to change my hair colour to a colour accepted by the society.
With that, I asked myself sometimes are people that judgemental? They look at the tattoos you have, your hair colour before dealing with you and regardless of your achievements and studies just because your hair colour is too striking- does that mean you are UNRELIABLE?
Well, I wanted to make a difference on that opinion. We are now in the era of creativity and digital media. Everything is about skill set and let me tell you, people are getting much more smarter, more educated as they practised everything hands-on. It is no longer a case where you must attain that paper certificate from some university before you are considered “useful” to the society.
Before I go for my long stay in Europe in a couple of months time, I have took to the salon to let my colour tone down while I am serving my clients with their work.
I have already planned my next colours which are gonna be amazing so stay tuned to that. Since I do not want to bleach my poor hair again, I told my stylist that she had to do some magic for me.
With the latest heat season in Singapore too, I had to go for a haircut to keep myself cool (Hot weather hate me, vice versa).
First, I went to Hair De Light for a haircut, cause my usual hair salon was closed so I held back my hair colouring for another day.
New Short Hair

 A few days later, I went to Kami Hair Salon to get my hair colouring done. In order to allow my hair to be able to be coloured again in future with a lighter colour (without bleaching required), she chose an ash tone to colour up my blonds and greens. I have a lot of assurance in my stylist as she is really good with her work and her advise are top notch so far.

New Brown Colour with my short hair
With the frequent hair colouring I do to my hair, a lot of people have been asking me what do I do to my hair to prevent spoilage or brittleness. I practise a simple methodology of weekly hair spa, monthly treatments and daily conditioner, when I go to the salon to dye my hair, my stylist would avoid colouring too near the roots so as to care for my roots. Apart from that I have a hair cut as frequent as 1-2 months dutifully done.  In order to get the colours that I want, I have to do my due diligence to maintain and protect my hair, from roots to tips. I must stress that if you are lazy then you may have problems dealing with the after effect of frequent hair colouring.
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