5 video creation Apps (zsiti Review)

If you own a smart phone like me, you would definitely love the functions that it has. Most importantly, we love to take pictures after pictures of everything in sight. Keeping them for keepsake memories or sharing the event with others, may be our common reasons. But I am also sure that some of us would want to go beyond just taking pictures and share videos instead!
I do a reasonable amount of video editing for youtube on my macbook but sometimes I want to get a quick fix and editing done on my smart phone as well. As an avid Apple iphone user (and supporter and lover and fan),  I do have a few favourites which range from simple to truly simple (if that ever make sense) and they are totally FREE.
Here are my top 5 favourites, let’s begin:
5- MeiPai (美拍) | zsiti Review: truly simple
This has got to be the mostly used app for me right now, all I have to do is point, shoot and choose not just the filter of the video but also the music of the background. Choose from the various edits and format provided in this free software. One aspect of it which I do not like is the fact that I am not able to change the words or the fonts in the template.

UPDATE: MeiPai have upgraded their app to v1.5.0 and now you can upload pictures and the app will magically render a video for you with their array of interesting templates and filters! 

4- Animoto | zsiti Review: truly simple
Using this app, you can take all the pictures and videos in advance and then when you are ready to create your video, just choose your preferred template inside the app and place your pictures accordingly. This software gives the flexibility of editing the words and you can also choose the background song from your album. The thing that I do not enjoy would be that you would not be able to download the file into your phone if you are using the free version. You may however share the link to your facebook account after the video have been produced.
3- Magisto | zsiti Review: truly simple
Similar to MeiPai, this app is more of a point, shoot and choose the filter. The basic version which is free comes with limitations such as limited pictures and clips which can be uploaded to make one video and you have limited storage space for your movies. But unlike MeiPai, which is also a free software you are not allowed to download the created videos from Magisto. I realised that US based apps are always that anal and rigid (ughh feel my wrath right now), and with that limitation it does not propel me to buy the programme at all (Good try Magisto, but I ain’t falling for that).
2- Video Editor for FREE | zsiti Review: simple
For some of you who would like an app which gives you 100% free control and flexibility in creating your videos, this is one app which I also use (although less frequent but yes I did use this). The best thing also is the fact that it is for FREE! You can select, arrange, edit and add in words to the video. Merge different clips easily and add in your preferred song as easy as ABC. I do not use this often because of the other easier tool which fed the lazy ol’ me better but when the occasion calls for me to be able to edit different clips together which the earlier ones do not really allow that, I will turn to this Video Editor app.
1- Splice | zsiti Review: simple
Splice is a close one to Video Editor. I do not have much trouble creating a video within seconds using this app as I was looking for an alternative to Video Editor. Splice also have options for you to buy borders, frames or sound effects (if you do not have any in your mobile). The prizes range from S$1.28 onwards. But the downside of Splice and Video Editor would be that there are no filters or cool settings to edit your video with. It does not have any effect for you to play around your video with. Which means that I will have to stick to my macbook software when I want to do specific type of editing.
Check out some of the videos which I have created Instagram : @zsiti_ using some of these apps. My top 5 list, shows apps which are definitely compatible to iOS for I am an iphone user, if you would like me to review video creation apps for Android, do leave me a message down below or you can tweet me at @zsiti or go to my  Google+ and talk to me. Be Happy!



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