How to give the best presents ever?

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.

So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?
It is hard to buy a gift for someone and worry if they are going to like it or not. It could also be that we think of what are their hobbies and try to gauge our gifts around there. For me, it is simple I like to make my gifts from scratch or invent and improvise and idea which can benefit the person. Why bother giving a gifts which is going to add on to another of their collection? I believe in being unique and different, so if the person who received my gift do not have that before or use it ever before this, well, there is ALWAYS a first time to start ๐Ÿ˜‰
It was a 1 year old birthday and the theme was Smurf. I made a card out of construction paper and my gold gift bag contains a remote-controlled car, a light-up bubble, a blow-up big blue bat, a light-up ball etc.
The other birthday which I prepared a card was for a close friend who loves to take care of her health and goes for marathon regularly to her very best.
And for another dear friend, who sent me a gift all the way from Canada once cause she promised that if I completed the Project 365 challenge, I will be rewarded for my next birthday! (Linko)
Cheers to the food and drinks!
I think gift boxes are precious, it contains bits and pieces of items with special meaning to it. For my Taiwan trip, I did couchsurfing with this lady and her family. In return for her kindness, I made a gift box for her with the following items: Whacky glasses with moustache, a beanie, a bracelet with fleur de Lis, yankee candles and a bookmark with a chinese note of appreciation.
These items may not mean a lot on its own but each and everyone of them are useful during different occasion. I received a pm from them after and her mom really loved the glasses I placed inside. I have a picture with the glasses too as a souvenir ๐Ÿ˜‰
Specially for the owner of 222CM hostel who hosted me with kindness when I was there

It was St Patrick’s weekend when I was in Taiwan, so…
What do you guys think make the best gifts? handmade or purchased after considering their hobbies, habbits, pattern, and everything else?

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