NTU Fest 2014

We had a whole load of fun last Saturday at the Padang! NTU Fest had a concert in the evening and they had a few Mediacorp Artiste along with current Project Superstars contestants AND also Kang Gary and Jung In.
Now woah woah they, zsiti aint a fan of running man or Gary or Jung In. For obvious reasons, the concert was free and I have a friend who is like a die-hard fan of Gary. So I am just accompanying her for the free concert. I have heard their songs before the concert day and well let’s just say if you like then you do, if not then shut up.ย 
At least during the concert, the songs were likeable enough for you to move your body to the beat and have some fun just jumping around. But the moment we left the place, the music simply drained from my memory. Guess its not meant for me then, but I still had a lot of fun and thankfully for such cooling weather in the evening, that was simply a bonus plus.
The NTU Fest however was not simply a concert in the evening, they started earlier from afternoon with carnivals full of games and food stalls under the tent. Subsequently, they had a run in the late afternoon about 4pm. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for the needy ITE Students.
There was a significant number of people who showed up from all walks of life showing their support for the event. Bringing Kang Gary and Jung In was definitely a super plus point to their advantage.
The main entrance to the NTU Fest tent
Carnival ticket booths is where you convert your cash to tickets ๐Ÿ˜‰
Queue, queues, lines everywhere….
Food, drinks, clothes, games, you name it, they had it…
This was the stage set for the evening concert at Padang
The Fan of Kang Gary
I’m happy when there are free stuff….hahaha #cheapskate #singaporean #donatetocharity
Some sample of Information boards on display
ย There was also information boards being put up on display to showcase the work portfolio of the students doing volunteer work or helping the society in any way they can. It was a good set-up along with the layout of the carnival tent as this was really smack in the middle of the huge tent. With the colourful display and vivid, clear images that they put up, it really attracts you to go and read it.
more Information boards available
Slogan “by Students for Students”

The winning slogan which got me “by students for students”. Aiming to help raise funds for ITE needy students, the group of NTU students set out to hold this carnival and bring in the funds.
Meanwhile, do check out my latest video on “tips for travelling” you will definitely thank me after that and stay tuned to my next trip post coming up soon, while I will be on the road next week! Onwards Malaysia..

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