What to do when your superior is a micro-manyzer ("manager")?

Every morning to work was torture for Fem (not her real name), every meeting that she sits in and listen as they discuss “big” goals seem like a piece of dream…or maybe nightmare. Her superiors, seemingly people who were supposed to run an organisation just do not seem to be able to function as a unified body for the people except for themselves.
pics as illustration
“Why is this like that? Why were you not informing me? Why do you need to take such measures?” Fem found the micromanaging part really terrible. It’s talking about the minimal level of faith and empowerment in the staff to be able to do their work well but she felt constrained by the up close and personal tabs which her superior want to place on her.
This micromanaging effect was brought from the meeting to the office to everywhere else in existence. Whenever anyone brought up an idea, without any strong justification, it will be slammed down with courtesy and moved on just like that. It further jammed the creativity of an individual to an all time low.
Some days, Fem just asked herself “can I still do this?” but she had the passion to help the organisation and she knows where it can be helped. With that, Fem stayed on to persist with the challenges.
In US, a survey was done in a company of about 450 staff where nearly 60% said they had worked for a micromanaging Boss before in their career. Over 55% of those mentioned that it decreased their productivity and 68% said it dampened their morale.
To me, those statistics do not seem man-made or fake. Even I have my fair share of working with people who likes to micromanage and I do have to agree that there are some people who needs them. Those type of people cannot work on their own or without supervision and having a micromanaging superior would definitely be beneficial for them.
So for the rest of us, what do we do when we are tied down with a micromanaging superior? Here are possible ways which can make the situation better…or not.
1) Have a talk with the superior and get to understand, what do they expect from you.
Communication within a team is really important and it takes two to have a misunderstanding and create a bigger whirlpool. It is also important to know what do they expect from you and have all these communicated out so as to prevent assumption from either party.
2) Ask for the sense of direction which they are planning to head to. Empathise and Understand.
When sharing the responsibility or challenges that they are facing, it may be a feat. Planning strategic plans for the organisation takes a lot of wisdom and trials. So as much as we can not understand all the technical stuff, if knowing what they are going through will be able to allow ourselves to empathise and understand their situation. Its always important to do the right thing to the right people at the right place in the right time.
3) Be proactive.
Now we know what our superior wants and expect, thus we can always be onward looking and be prepared before hand. To me, it is basic knowledge to communicate whatever work that was tasked to me. So when I was given a task, at every stage which I was at, I emailed everyone whether or not they were involved to update them. Unless they stopped me (which they did not).
4) Move on.
When we have tried our best and as you know bad habits die hard. People may not be keen to change. Communications have been meted out, being proactive was key and empathising starts to put you at a lower place, Fem gave up. She just did her work as she was supposed to and started to move on. Sometimes a little change will do everybody some good.

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