Puteri Pacific In Johor Bahru

In the spirit of Hari Raya, I went to Johor Bahru to visit a friend’s home. This time around, we tried staying at a new hotel to experience the well-acclaimed breakfast. But noting that we went on a weekday, the breakfast spread was a so-so affair, although we did have a smooth and fast journey as they was no crowd or jam whatsoever.
The place that we stayed this time was Puteri Pacific Hotel, which is about 15mins walk from City Square Shopping Mall near the customs. Our room was spacious and neat with one single bed and a Queen sized bed. 
Puteri Pacific Hotel which was located on higher grounds made it easy for us to spot from far yet we just had to travel upwards to find the entrance of the hotel.

Our room was on the 8th floor and we had the back view of the main road in Johor (JB). Apart from that, there was nothing else fancy for us to see. All the shopping areas were around reach and walking distance.
Puteri Pacific had a playground area as well as a swimming pool which in my honest opinion is not that amazing. However in such a hot season, the pool would be to die for, like seriously. 
We drove up to Taman Yu area to visit our friend’s home and went out for dinner, they have this famous Mee Bandung Tulang and otah which was so Awesome! Along the way, we stopped by a street stall which sells small bites such as banana fritters, fried fish crackers, fried vege springrolls and more…

As sinful as it can be, this is a must try sometimes when you pass by them. It is nice to buy them as snacks and eating at home with your family and friends over tea or coffee.
The famous delicious awesome Mee Bandung Tulang
Having dinner and catching up with friends
I am not a real fan of the beef bone or Yellow Mee so I ordered chicken with Bee Hoon, YUM!

Around the hotel at night, when the shopping malls are closed (about 9.30-10.00pm) there is a night market nearby. Malaysia is famed for their night markets and it is open almost everywhere till late. The one nearby Puteri Pacific is called Pasar Karat (literally mean Rusty Market). But I did not find any rusty metal on sale ;P In fact, they had clothes, bags, watches, shoes, food and stuff. The one amazing thing I saw would be the Jambu fruit (guava) which is pink in colour. It tastes so sweet and amazing.

I heard you can’t find it in Singapore except Malaysia and here at Pasar Karat there were selling like hotcakes.

The sweet, big pink guava

Probably it was a weekday so there was not much crowd but the stores are all open

The entrance with the name “Pasar Karat” imprinted.

In the morning, the three nearby shopping malls are Galleria, Kotaraya baru and City Square Mall in that order. All three have a different standard of shops inside. Mainly all I can say is that City Square which is right beside the Customs is more modern, cleaner, prettier and holds more branded stores within. Seeing that I have been there a couple of times, I am going to share with you more on Galleria, which was supposed to be a newly open recently.

We had lunch at Kenny Rogers and walked around to take a look at the shops which mainly sells perfume, clothes, scarfs, etc. The main focus of this place however would be food cause just the first floor is decked with cafe and restaurants in every corner. Holding common names like KFC, Roti Boy, Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Subway to name a few.
I love Kenny Rogers’ Mac n Cheese
Hubba hubba, if u see it then you will 😉
Fell in love with this boy ever since the first time we met
Malaysia is just a short distance from Singapore, I like to make regular trips into Malaysia for a short getaway and try out the different hotel and their services. 
Another point which I want to share about is Puteri Pacific’s breakfast buffet. They had a wide variety of food which range from nasi lemak to kway teow goreng and also the western breakfast. But on a whole, I would give it a rate of 3.5 out of 5 stars. The other famed restaurant which I did not get to try is the Authentic Chinese Restaurant which is Halal. I will definitely come back to try out their menu here again in future.
Malaysia Boleh!

Come back again and join the chefs!
Why it would be worth a trip to come back again is because we also tried their room service in-dining and this is a must usually when we travel. To try out each hotel’s Nasi Goreng. The food that we had was simple yet it was fantastic. That is also an indicator to me that I should come back and try their food again the next time around. 
Nasi Goreng Kampung and Picasson Platter!
Till we meet again!

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