What I do in my hotel room.

Keeping the city clean, oh yes that is such a corny yet clear display that I have ever seen before. Was away in JB for a short vacation as you can read in my previous post ” Puteri Pacific in JB”. Today, I would like to share more about what I did while staying in the hotel. 
It was supposed to be a relaxing, vacation away from home so I decided that we should have a pampering session nite.
I was prepared with my Nivea Visage Facewash, Hada Labo Toner, Biore UV perfect face milk and Dermal Face Mask (gold collagen and Pearl collagen). Nothing beats the cooling and relaxing moment as we pamper ourselves with all the goodness on our face.

How else to end such a wonderful evening is of course a delicious spread of supper with the room dining service #NasiGoreng #PicassoPlatter
Another good practise when staying in an air-conditioned hotel room is to place a glass of water, on your side table so that it will prevent dryness and introduce moisture into the air. I do recall that whenever I missed out doing that, I will have the symptoms of coughing and dry throat the next morning when I wake up.
Have a great night everybody! #Queen #bed

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