I am 30, Happy, Single and Poor

A few years ago, I started to see my friends exclaiming that they are having a midlife crisis at the age of 25 and above. Then I kept asking myself, is that really the middle part of our lives. Does life ends at 50 or something? I was not feeling any impact of ageing until I turned 29…

From the age of 19 till 28, I have had everything I ever wanted, a supportive family, a promising career, a group of close knitted friends, a loving coach and mentor, good contacts and network which my job brings me to. Nothing else matters. I had my future paved for me and I was filled with joy to the brim.

I stopped my education after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic as I do not want to pursue any other further studies (partly I didn’t like studying and secondly, I always believed that education do not stop after you leave school). I went on to build my experience in work.
In 2013, after I turned 29, a sudden realisation hit me. I knew that I was not doing what I loved and had interest in for the past 10 years. I was more of enjoying the culture and growing up in the environment.  I do not have further education and certificate was definitely lacking in my filing department. But I have skills which have been imbued in me since I started working. I love to talk and I like travelling, I like meeting people and sharing experiences of life with them and I also enjoy motivation. Henceforth this year in 2014, I took a step to dive into new realm and territory.
The fundamental is always important and building the foundation is a basic requirement. If I had continued dwelling in my passion half-heartedly while trying to survive at work, I was simply getting into a rat race of doom. I can imagine myself growing old with nothing at the end of the day because I simply could not focus on things fully.

I resigned from my full time job, took on a role to provide assistance to my brother in his business, did a few online courses which provided me with the relevant credentials and research materials which I need and at the same time, I focus on what I loved doing – Digital Media Marketing/ Social Media. I am also able to maintain this blog, zsiti.com (which I am thankful for your readership and strong support from blogher.com).

This year, when I celebrated my birthday I was really happy with myself and not dreading the part where I grew another year older. I spent the time with friends over a simple staycation and who ever complains about a little party with food and drinks. I was proud and excited for myself with where I am right now. On the new route to do what I love. I appreciate what I had went through in the past because they made me who I am right now. Everybody grows old but not everybody matures, when I understand that I know ageing brings wisdom to some people.

I didn’t worry that I do not have loads of money right now or a stable job income but I have a family who is really supportive and we work together to make things happen. I do not have a husband to be worrying about relationship issues and stuff but I have a lot of opportunities in my path to meet new people and network, be genuine and real. Over the years, I have made and maintained some really amazing friendships, young and old. To Be Happy or stressed it is all what I made of it. Since life is really short, why waste it on stuff which would not be beneficial to myself. Appreciate live and life appreciates.
A gift from my lovely brother #NOT

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