3 video creation Apps (zsiti Review) ~ part 2

After my previous post on the video creation apps, here is the follow up of a few more apps which I have used for the past few months. You can read up on my previous review in the link here (5 video creation Apps (zsiti Review) ~ ZSITI CO.)
Now, you can have the option not just record your video BUT you can also decorate them. Beyond templates and filters, you can add in interesting stickers which “moves” (simply means animated) on your video.
The available apps which made into my list are basically from Japan and the format and templates are with Japanese background and text.
Without further ado, here is the list:

1) Mechika Boola | zsiti Review: Lovely and splendid
On a scale of 1-10, I really like the function and the userability of this app. There were so many choices of stickers which you can add into your video. Although this is a Japanese App, once you download into iphone, it gets translated to english. 
After rendering my video, it will be saved into my camera roll and I am able to upload to other platform such as Facebook or Instagram. However one disadvantage is that the frame will be larger and won’t be able to fit into Instagram without cropping off. 
The video duration options are between 12secs to 24 secs.
Available on App Store and Android Google Play
2) Rabbit Cam | zsiti Review: the app amaze me yet language is a barrier
Very much the same as Mechika, however the language cannot be changed to english. Thus all the instructions and options are in Japanese. This made it hard for me to manoeuvre around the app and it just made me lose a little of interest in the app. It seamlessly can be shared onto Line as well as Facebook. Again, similar to Mechika, the frame will be cropped off on Instagram and I have to take an extra step to resize the video layout. 
The video duration ranges from 24 secx to 48 secs.
As a note, I am able to only find this app on App Store, I am not sure if Android would be having this anytime soon.
3) MyMovie from appland | zsiti Review: so-so
This app, reminds me the same as Instagram or MeiPai (my choice from the last review). Apart from having 32 different filters/frames and being able to fit squarely into Instagram. The app does not impress me much. Although it allows me to add in music background, the app does not have interesting cover filters/frames at all (unlike MeiPai). Thus I will not be keen to move over to this app.
The video duration however is impressively long up to 30:27 secs.
As a note, I am able to only find this app on App Store, I am not sure if Android would be having this anytime soon.
Check out sample of my videos which I used the mentioned app above from my lunch which I cooked today!
I recorded the video and chose a filter using MyMovie App and then the stickers and music were edited using Mechika Boola.
Recorded, filtered and sticker added using Rabbit Cam.
I also accept requests of app to be reviewed if you have any questions in mind. You can suggest to me apps which you want me to try out if you are not willing to try them out first! Be Happy!

Peace, zsiti

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