Korean Fish Cake Soup ( Eomukguk) 어묵국

Ahhh, so those on the korean wave and kpop and k drama and everything also K…well I am not so far away from that too. I do watch korean dramas, I listen to korean pops and I love korean related stuff but I am not a fanatic. The most challenging thing is that when I watched korean drama/movies, I get drawn to the food that they eat.

As always, I take pride in spinning my take on a dish. In this post, I share with you my take on Eomukguk 어묵국 (Korean Fish Cake Soup).


Fish Cakes (all kinds- Square, round, blanket, balls 😉

Anchovies (20 pieces)
Kelp (1 big piece)
Radish (1 long tube)
Garlic/Onion (6 garlics or 1 big onion)
Scallion (1)
water (12 cups)

Soy Sauce

The steps are:

1) Boil all the ingredients from the Soup category (listed above). Then sieve the kelp, anchovies and scallion.

2) Skewer the fishcakes and then place them into the soup and add the ingredients from the Extra category. Let it boil and then it is ready to serve.

The dish took about 30 mins to prepare and finish and enjoy it with your preferred dipping of soy sauce and chilli or make your own dipping 🙂

I had it as a meal with some korean green onion pancakes (Pajeon, to see my blogpost on how to make this, click here). Enjoy~

Pajeon X Eomukguk X Caprisonne

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