Do cheaters cheat?

Cheating, why do people cheat? and what’s the difference when it comes to lying? I took to Google dictionary and this is what I got.
gerund or present participle: cheating
  1. 1.
    act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

  2. 2.
    avoid (something undesirable) by luck or skill.


  1. not telling the truth.
  2. I garnered that when people cheat, they are just trying to avoid something and get something out of it at the same time. People use it commonly on relationships as one party (or maybe both sides) tried to two-time their partner. *cue* JayZ & Beyonce cheating problem. 
While lying could be when the child who broke the glass insisted that they did not. But inevitably, if the child’s purpose was to avoid getting beaten, then wouldn’t that be considered cheating as well. That is just my opinion by the way.
In my perspective, both behaviours simply means not living the truth. Is this because our environment have made it so difficult to tell the truth because we do not want to face the consequences or deal with it. I am sure that we were not raised to lie or cheat but along the way as we observed how our seniors behave, subconsciously we adopt that element into us.
I am also guilty of it of course, I am not here to point out people’s mistakes and overlook my own. One good example which I was guilty of in the past was bringing my youngest brother to Malaysia. We all know how dangerous our neighbour could be and that we had to be extra vigilant and stuff but well I sometimes took the risk and brought ourselves to JB. On that occasion, I will never tell my dad that instead I will just say we are going shopping. I mean that is the truth, we are going shopping….in Malaysia. Thankfully nothing ever happened (assuming the fact that I went more than once ….:P). The thing is it was much easier to just say we are going out rather than explain where and how and why.
Stepping away from this story, I want to share about how I felt when I did lie regardless of whether I was discovered or not. It worries me all the time when I am living in such a life, if something were to happen then i would be guild-stricken forever. If I was discovered yet nothing bad happen, I took a shortcut to draw another story on top of the previous one. That got me into a further slush of waste down the pipeline (get into more deep shit ah).
From a simple lie, it evolves into plan to cheat my way out of any punishment. Ahhh that is the emotional warfare that we have engaged into. Basically, I am seeing that from a liar, it can propel one into a cheating game. This seems so complex yet it was avoidable at first.
So how to avoid all that? I have a 3 steps plan which works really well…for me.
1- Always have a good reputation and credibility. No matter what, it is important to always have and maintain the trust of people around us. Your words are your bond and your action explains your character.
2- Just tell the truth, cause it won’t hurt anybody. If step 1 have been locked in place, you will have that level of faith by others that you will know how to live your life without others telling you to.
3- Just do it; stop thinking too much and procrastinate your life. When you want something, go and get it. When everyone can see and know what you are doing, and you get so busy with your plans and execution. Nobody aint got time to settle for small talks and questioning you.
This post was not inspired because of any other events of being cheated or stuff. It occurred to me whether at home, in school or in our workplace that all of us are guilty of such things in one way or another. We lie and we cheat and we can’t deny that, can we? It is an emotional affair and it is here there everywhere.

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